astro.config package


astro.config.Environment module

Environment functionality

astro.config.initial module

astro.config.initial.augment_astrowise_path(var, augmentation)

This is same as augment_system_path except that the order is changed; the user set variable is preferred over the internal one defined here.

astro.config.initial.augment_system_path(var, augmentation)

Prepend the augmentation to the environment variable “var”

astro.config.startup module

Python interpreter startup script

This script is run when the interpreter starts. It customizes the standard Python interpreter to include the following:

  • Custom prompt
  • Readline key bindings for command completion and history search
  • Persistent command history stored in ${HOME}/.awehistory
  • Session log stored in ${HOME}/.awe/awesession.log
  • Automatic import of useful classes/modules
  • Automatic instantiation of a few helpful classes (dpu, context)

If the user has a “${HOME}/.awe/” file, this file is executed instead of the automatic imports.

Module contents

Local packages and modules