astro.external package


astro.external.BDSM module

astro.external.BPZ module

astro.external.CosmicFITS module

astro.external.Dia module

astro.external.FITSIO module

astro.external.FitsImageHeader module

This is an interface to the pyfits module which mimics (part of) the qfits interface. Its only purpose is to replace the qfits/eclipse routines which update a fits header of a FITS image.

class astro.external.FitsImageHeader.FitsImageHeader(filename=None)

Bases: object

add(key, value, comment=None)

astro.external.Galfit module

astro.external.Galphot module

astro.external.LDAC module

astro.external.PhotRed module

astro.external.PhotoObjAll module

astro.external.Photoz module

astro.external.Photoz2 module

astro.external.Psfex module

astro.external.Pullecenella module

astro.external.STIFF module

astro.external.Satmask module

astro.external.Scamp module

astro.external.Sextractor module

astro.external.SextractorParametersList module

astro.external.SpecObjAll module

astro.external.Swarp module

astro.external.TWOMASS module

astro.external.TinyTim module

astro.external.USNOB module

astro.external.aweimports module

astro.external.lasSource module

Module contents

Python wrappers for software packages

Some software packages contain useful routines, but are not available as Python extension modules. Modules are defined for those external packages which hide the (command-line) programs from the Python user. Hence a Python interface and syntax is available to use the routines in the software packages. Note that the routines in these modules are used in other places and their particular names remain invisible. This is done to ensure easy replacement of the package by (or comparison with) another package that provides the same functionality.

Package | Purpose

LDAC | Perform astrometry and association on FITS tables SExtractor | Extract source positions and other parameters from a FITS image Swarp | Reproject and co-add FITS images