astro package


Module contents

Astronomy packages

This package contains the packages that provide functionality to reduce and inspect astronomical images.

The astro.main package contains most of the modules that are used to process the raw data, from de-biasing and flat-fielding to de-fringing, astrometry and photometry. The other packages provide mostly low-level implementations.

Please note that all low level image-processing is performed by the eclipse package. The documentation for it can be found in the site-specific documentation (site-packages).

Package Provided functionality
config Startup and environment/configuration files
database Astronomy specific database modules
experimental Experimental modules
external Python wrappers for tools such as LDAC, Sextractor and Swarp
filerecipes Data reduction recipes for use without database
instrument Instrument specific modules
main Modules for the pipeline processing of images
net Network routines that are specific to Astronomy
plot Various plotting modules
recipes Data reduction recipes (to create classes in “main”)
services (Web-)services for astronomy
test Unittests
toolbox Scripts for ingestion, installation, various maintenance
util Utility modules usable throughout the code