astro.main.sourcecollection package


astro.main.sourcecollection.ACPSC module

astro.main.sourcecollection.AttributeCalculator module

astro.main.sourcecollection.ConcatenateAttributes module

astro.main.sourcecollection.ConcatenateSources module

astro.main.sourcecollection.External module

astro.main.sourcecollection.FilterSources module

astro.main.sourcecollection.OnTheFly module

astro.main.sourcecollection.Pass module

astro.main.sourcecollection.ProcessTarget module

astro.main.sourcecollection.RelabelSources module

astro.main.sourcecollection.RenameAttributes module

astro.main.sourcecollection.SelectAttributes module

astro.main.sourcecollection.SelectSources module

astro.main.sourcecollection.SourceCollection module

astro.main.sourcecollection.SourceCollectionTree module

astro.main.sourcecollection.SourceListWrapper module

astro.main.sourcecollection.TableConverterSC module

astro.main.sourcecollection.aweimports module

Module contents

SourceCollection Hierarchy

This package contains the SourceCollection classes which extend the Astro-WISE principles of data pulling, data lineage and persistent data to catalog data.

A SourceCollection object represents a tabular structure where each row represents a source (identified by SLID/SID combination) and each column an attribute. The data represented by a SourceCollection is defined by an operation on other SourceCollections or other data objects. Every subclass of the SourceCollection represents a specific operator.

TODO MT M: [NOCAT] Improve on this documentation.

List of Classes with Persistent Attributes:

  • SourceCollection persistent properties:

    • SCID
    • parent_collection, parent_collections
    • name
    • creation_date
    auxiliary persistent properties:
    • sourcelist_data, link to a SL
    • sourcelist_sources, link to a SL
    • attribute_columns
    • attribute_names
    • all_data_stored, Flag to indicate whether it has been determined that all data is stored
  • ConcatenateAttributes

  • ConcatenateSources

  • SelectAttributes - selected_attributes

  • SelectSources - selected_sources, another SC that contains the selection of sources

  • FilterSources - query, string representation of selection criterion (WHERE clause of SQL)

  • RenameAttributes - attributes_old - attributes_new

  • RelabelSources - associatelist, link to the AssociateList that contains the association

  • SourceListWrapper - sourcelist

  • External

  • Pass

  • AttributeCalculator - definition, a link to the AttributeCalculatorDefinition object responsible for the calculation - process_parameters