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Module with common class for showing the status and overview of a single job

class, args)


(overridde) return preview or image link

(override) return link to DbView for this object


(override) derived classes can define extra table elements (td) for the object overview table


(override) derived classes can define extra heading elements (th) for the object overview table


generate html


Return html page with the job status

A job info dict example:
JobID 121841 User awwvriend JobStatus SENDDATA DateSubmitted Tue Mar 24 15:25:52 2015 JobDetails FINISHED N/E/A/S/U 0/27/5/0/0
with per sub job:
SubJobStatus ERROR: TERMINATED at Tue Mar 24 15:30:52 2015 SubJobTime 1427207183.96 SubJobNode

(override) return extra <li> messages, shown on top of the the page

(overridde) return link to quality server

handleLogsJobs(dpu, results, job_dicts)

handle the returned logs and jobs from the dpu


display erros


display results (objects) of job

show_refresh_button = True
tryInstantiateObject(cls, object_id)

try to instantiate an object, for the given class and object_id module

File Author WJ Vriend (

class*args, **kwargs)

Bases: common.config.ProfileThread.ProfileThread

class for querying all dpus in seperate threads and retrieving job info of the current user


get all jobs from the dpu for the current user

class, args)


class for generating an overview of the user jobs on all dpus the parent object could implement :

test_version attribute to indicate a test version is running (True) or not (False), affects the dpu’s being shown setStatusMsg messages are being pushed to this method
classmethod deleteJob(dpu_name, job_id)

delete the specified job from the dpu

dpu_timeout = 1

Try to extract the project from one of the SubJobs dicts project is encoded in SubJobInfo as “my info string (project)”

classmethod getDPU(dpu_name)

return dpu with name dpu_name


Return list of dpu hostnames Exclude test dpu’s when not in test mode

classmethod getDpuKey(username)

Return the key or password to use for the DPU, normally the password of the user is used as DPU key, but in case of SSO there is only the sso_ticket. Since the SSO ticket will change over time for an user, generate a key that doesn’t.


(override) return extra javascript code to include


generate html

classmethod get_dpu_url(dpu)

return the dpu url


query all DPU’s in a separate thread for their job overview


push messsage to parent, if defined


show the status of the dpu’s


show the details of a job


generate the html to show the job overview


show the overview of old logs

show_buttons = True
show_prevlogs = True
status_letters = 'QRFEASU'
table_class = 'ProcessTable tablesorter'
table_id = 'table_jobs'

wait for the threads to finish or dpu_timeout is reached


Bases: Exception

class, args)



only use show filename if username is in it


reverse the sorting of the filenames module

Module with the HtmlProcessTree class

class, obj_class, set_count=0, sub_count=0, config=None, stats=None, parent=None)

Bases: object

Class generates a html tree of an object and its dependencies, showing the state of the object and dependencies

BackgroundColor = {-24: '#ffcccc', -23: '#ddf', -22: '#ffcc99', -21: '#88ee88', -14: '#ffcccc', -13: '#ffcccc', -12: '#ffcc99', -11: '#ccffcc', -10: '#ffcccc', -1: '#ffcccc', 1: '#ccffcc', 999: '#f3f3ff', 1001: '#f3f3ff', 1002: '#ddf', 1003: '#ddf'}
Color_Blue = '#ddf'
Color_DarkGreen = '#88ee88'
Color_Green = '#ccffcc'
Color_Orange = '#ffcc99'
Color_Red = '#ffcccc'
Color_Transparent = '#f3f3ff'
MainStatusText = {-24: '(no object found)', -23: '(to be built)', -22: '(new version available)', -21: '(fixed)', -14: '(flagged)', -13: '(outdated)', -12: '(obsolete)', -11: '(dependency missing)', -10: '(outdated)', -1: '(rebuild)', 1: '', 999: '(not checked)', 1001: '(null)', 1002: '(list)', 1003: '(empty list)'}
SubStatusText = {-24: 'no object', -23: 'new object', -22: 'SHOULD NOT OCCUR !!', -21: 'fixed', -15: 'not target processor', -14: 'flag set', -13: 'parameter', -12: 'obsolete', -11: 'missing', -10: 'new version', -1: 'rebuild', 1: 'good', 1001: 'null', 1002: 'list', 1003: 'empty list'}
convertTreeElem(obj, txt_tree, object_text, fixed_status)

convert an element from the object list to html <li> item with tooltip

convertTreeProcessParams(process_params, txt_tree)

convert an object process_params to html <li> item with tooltip

formatObjectForErrors(obj, all_objects)

Format object from the uptodate dict


generate an unique id for the HTML LI element


generate html

getObjectOverviewTableElements(uptodate_dict, obj)

(override) return the name,value pairs for the object overview table

getObjectOverviewTableErrors(uptodate_dict, obj)

(override) return the name,value pairs for the object overview table that are erronuous

getOnTheFlyValue(obj, txt_tree)

(overridde) determine and return onthefly status


make a html tree from the generated list

makeObjectOverviewTable(uptodate_val, uptodate_dict, obj)

make an overview table of the object, this can be used in a tooltip, showing a popup window

classmethod makeObjectString(obj)

(override) make an object specific string, default is object_id derived classes can use multiple attributes seperating them with cls.object_id_sep

object_id_sep = '|'
process_object_dialog_width = 500
process_params_dialog_width = 300
show_process_parameters = False
skipObject(parent_class, obj)

(override) return True if object does not need to be recursed default False

tip_table_class = 'ProcessTipTable'
walkObjectTree(obj, obj_class=None, txt_tree='', depth=0)

make a html tree view from an object (obj), arguments: obj_class the class of the object, obj can be None txt_tree total dependency string (example MasterFlatFrame.DomeFlatFrame)


Bases: object

class keeping statistics about the objects and states encountered in the whole object tree

updateStatistics(obj, uptodate_val)

update the stats using the given object

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