common.external package


common.external.dcache_srmclient module

common.external.jlite module

common.external.ldapsearch module

Interface for calling ldapsearch from ldap


return debug command line argument

common.external.ldapsearch.ldapsearch(search_filter, search_attribute, verbose=False)

run ldapsearch

common.external.ldapsearch.ldapsearch_grep(keywords, verbose=False)

run ldapsearch

common.external.myproxy module

common.external.run_command module

Envelop method run for Pythons subprocess, verbose=True, stdout=-1, stderr=-1, input_str=None, _std=None, env=None, cmd4log=None)

run the given command input :

_std, dict in which the (string) stdout and stderr will be set input_str, string will be used as input (stdin) verbose, be verbose or not env, dictionary with key,value pairs which will be set in the environment cmd4log, cmd to use in logs (useful if cmdn contains password, etc ...)
output :
return code

common.external.voms_clients module

Module contents

Wrappers for External modules