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Script for parsing the dbview (or other) service log files and re-doing the requests the url to a local service

only GET requests are supported

The scripts assumes that a (dbview) web service is running on localhost:8080, run one with :

awe $AWEPIPE/common/services/general/ -t -h localhost -p 8080, verbose=0) module

Script for parsing the data server status page.

This script can be used by nagios to query data servers.

class, port, verbose=False)

Bases: object


return statistics for the set data server


Bases: html.parser.HTMLParser

handle_starttag(tag, attrs)

convert bytes unit string to number module

Generate nagios config files, port, service_groups), alias, address, check=1), host_name, port, path, service_groups), port, service_groups) = '\ndefine service{\n use target-%(http)s-service\n host_name %(host_name)s\n service_description %(service_description)s\n servicegroups target-service,%(servicegroups)s\n check_command check_%(http)s_arg!%(args)s\n}'

template_service_port = ‘’’ define service{

use target-%(http)s-service host_name %(host_name)s service_description %(service_description)s port %(port)d servicegroups target-service,%(servicegroups)s check_command check_%(http)s_arg!-p %(port)d -w 10 -c 30 -t 30

}’‘’ module module

List of Astro-WISE services.

This list can be used by and

Format is a dictionary :

services = {
(domain, type) : [service_url_1, service_url_2, ...], ...


return all data servers

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