HOW-TO Use Git

Software development projects are collaborations of multiple people working on the same set of files. To organize this process and keep track of changes to files, version control software is used. We use Git.

Our GitLab server is

For more more information about Git, see:

Git basics and Git workflow.

master and develop version

Two Git branches are maintained: develop and master. Code first appears in the develop branch, which is regularly merged into the master branch. One deployment is made based on the develop branch and another based on the master branch.

Getting access

Send an email to TBW to get an account for our GitLab server.

Using your Git checkout

Set the $AWEPIPE environment variable to the directory of the awe module to use your Git checkout with the awe-prompt. That is, set $AWEPIPE to the directory with the common and astro directories.

E.g. in csh

setenv AWEPIPE /Users/users/myname/myawe/awe

or in bash

export AWEPIPE=/Users/users/myname/myawe/awe