Where to go next after this tutorial

The tutorials written here discuss a number of key parts of Astro-WISE, but they do not intend to be exhaustive. Here are collected some things that may be of further interest.

Manual, HOW-TO’s and other documentation

The Astro-WISE manual can be found here: http://www.astro-wise.org/docs/Manual.pdf.

Most of the manual (the HOW-TO’s) can be read online. See here.

A number of existing number-crunching programs are used within Astro-WISE, such as SExtractor (source extraction), SWarp (regridding/coaddition), NumPy (various), Eclipse (image arithmetic, statistics etc.). Their manuals, as well as other documentation can be found on this page (http://www.astro-wise.org/portal/aw_documents.shtml)


This tutorial does not cover the web-services that are part of Astro-WISE. In short there are web-services for viewing the contents of the database, for processing data, and for (in-)validating existing data products. There is a Guided Tour that familiarizes one with them. You can find it at the Astro-WISE homepage (http://www.astro-wise.org) in the upper-left box.

Source code

Our source code is maintained using the Git versioning software. Git allows multiple people to work on a set of files, stores these files in a central place and keeps track of all changes to the files. The code is viewable on request for Astro-WISE members on our GitLab server (https://gitlab.astro-wise.org). See also the Git HOW-TO (http://www.astro-wise.org/portal/howtos/man_howto_git/man_howto_git.shtml).

Here is a short overview of the directory structure:

Top of directory structure:


Package      | Provided functionality
config       | Startup and environment/configuration files
database     | Astronomy specific database modules
experimental | Experimental modules
external     | Python wrappers for tools such as LDAC, Sextractor and Swarp
filerecipes  | Data reduction recipes for use without database
instrument   | Instrument specific modules
main         | Modules for the pipeline processing of images
plot         | Various plotting modules
recipes      | Data reduction recipes (to create classes in "main")
services     | (Web-) services for astronomy
test         | Unittests
toolbox      | Scripts for ingestion, installation, various maintenance
util         | Utility modules usable throughout the code


Package    | Provided functionality
config     | Startup and environment/configuration files
database   | Persistency mechanism and implementations of its interface
log        | Logging and messaging
math       | Mathematical Python routines such as statistics & least squares
net        | General network-related python modules
services   | Common (web-) services
toolbox    | Scripts for e.g. maintenance of the database, installation, etc.
util       | Routines for compression, checksumming, datetime manipulation.