HOW-TO Astro-WISE paradigms

Master and develop versions of Astro-WISE

The code used by Astro-WISE is organized using GitLab. Two branches are maintained: master and develop. Users should checkout the master branch of the code

(see HOW-TO Use Git)

Multi-extension FITS

Data “ingested” in Astro-WISE is separated in images per CCD. This allows parallel processing of the multiple CCD’s found in Wide-Field camera’s. Throughout the entire reduction process these images stay separate. Only in what is called a “CoaddedRegriddedFrame” do separate CCD’s become part of the same FITS file again.

Concept of a night

In Astro-WISE data is organized in nights, where a night is defined as the period between noon at a particular telescope (i.e. local time) and noon the next day at the telescope. All times and dates stored in the database however are in UT

(see HOW-TO Work with dates and times in AWE).

Validity of calibration files, timestamps

All calibration files have the following attributes: quality_flags, is_valid, timestamp_start, timestamp_end. These attributes determine the result of queries for a particular type of calibration file

(see HOW-TO Work with dates and times in AWE).

Context, permissions and access framework

Data can be ingested to be private in Astro-WISE. In addition this framework allows one to work in “MyDB”. This is a test environment to work using the database, where you can safely delete your data

(see HOW-TO Use your Astro-WISE Context to set data scopes).