Tutorial Introduction

This tutorial will give you a guided introduction to the Astro-WISE environment in about 3 hours. The tutorial starts from the level of a completely new user who has never logged into the Astro-WISE environment but has an Astro-WISE account. This tutorial consists of exercises to be done primarily from the awe-prompt. They include the following topics:

  • the awe-prompt basics,
  • basic calibration tasks,
  • astrometry,
  • photometry,
  • working with sourcelists,
  • data mining,
  • galaxy surface brightness analysis,
  • Astro-WISE and Virtual Observatory interoperability,
  • links to further documentation.

Topics sometimes depend on the results derived in earlier topics.

The tutorial is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive. The exercises are very basic and many topics are not discussed at all. To get a more in-depth and comprehensive presentation of the Astro-WISE environment we refer to the Howto’s. and the Manual. To get acquainted with the Astro-WISE services: please take the Guided Tour under “Try Astro-WISE” on the home page.